During your examination (new patient or regular attender) we aim to inspect and systematically record the following:


  •  the health of your soft tissues – lips, cheeks, tongue and palate etc.
  • the layout, position and health of your teeth and existing restorations, fillings, crowns etc
  • the condition of your gums using the universal BPE (Basic Periodontal Exam) and record your overall oral health.

Additional to the visual examination we may also advise the following:

  • Radiographs – used to view the areas we can not see (between teeth and underneath existing restorations). We screen your teeth at regular intervals according to the condition of your mouth. Furthermore we may need to take  an x ray to investigate problems, broken teeth, swellings and decay.
  • Digital intraoral cameras to record images that we can use to demonstrate problem areas and discuss treatment options with you. A very handy tool – lets you know what is really going on!
  • Standard digital cameras using special macro lenses and lighting rings to record various characteristics of your mouth and with image enhancing software we can show you what results could be possible with various treatments.

Following the inspection we will discuss the treatment options and cost implications. We can even demonstrate treatment types using videoscreens. You will be given the right information to decide what treatments are best for you. Our aim is to inform and educate. If you know the problems and how we can tackle them then you are less likely to worry. We don’t want you to see coming to the dentist as a chore.

We Inform – You Decide – We Treat