Ice White aim to provide the gold standard in this field. From dealing with broken teeth and decay with fillings to more extensive root canal work, extractions and crown and bridgework.





  • Fillings : Ice White use the latest generation white composite bonded filling materials for superior aesthetics alongside traditional amalgam fillings where appropriate.
  • Crowns : We can provide porcelain or gold crowns and bridges as well as smaller inlays and onlays.
  • Dentures : We can design and construct partial and full acrylic dentures, cobalt chrome metal dentures and carry out relines and repairs.
  • Endodontics : We use the latest techniques to ensure maximum success when performing root canal therapy.
  • Extractions : We deal with all teeth, no matter what the state, so if your tooth is beyond repair then we will remove it with minimal fuss and inconvenience to yourself. If the tooth requires specialist handling then we will arrange the appropriate referral.