Ice White place great emphasis on prevention.

  • We monitor your oral health through the BPE index (Basic Perio exam).
  • We advise on Oral Health matters, diets and habits.

– Tooth Brushing techniques

– Importance of Flossing

– Which toothpastes to buy

– Nutrition and dental health

– Dry Mouth

– Bad Breath problems


We perform simple scalings or more extensive periodontal treatments as required.

Just look at the difference a simple yet thorough scale and polish can make to your teeth – they feel better and you feel better!





Ice White sell a range of appropriate Oral Health products including manual and electric toothbrushes to suit all ages, dental flosses, interdental products (for those hard to reach places) and mouthwashes…………all at competitive prices.

. Our dentists have even helped, advised and participated in school talks on oral hygiene and the importance of  toothbrushing  to the next generation of toothbrushers!