Children develop at different rates. Ice White aim to follow their progress, advising and monitoring, intervening only where necessary

  • Where crowding is a problem we will advise on the need for orthodontics and refer locally at the correct time if that is your wish.

  • If the orthodontic treatment requires extractions prior to brace fitting  then Ice White will carry out this task in house.

  • We will advise on correct dietary habits, toothbrushing routines and techniques, generally reinforcing good oral hygiene and where necessary we can even provide disclosing tablets to show your little darlings which bits they miss!

  • Fissure Sealing is a technique whereby the grooves in first permanent molars are protected if your child has previous caries (decay) experience and it is thought that the second teeth might still be at risk.

Ice White look after the WHOLE family and have done for generations