Occasionally, some teeth are beyond repair. This is a fact of life! Ice White dentists use their skill and judgement to help you through these often traumatic times.

  • Most teeth can be safely removed in the surgery , simply and without fuss. Some may require small surgical procedures requiring sutures afterwards and some may require referral for more complex techniques. Having taken the appropriate radiograph of the damaged tooth we can advise accordingly.

  • Impacted wisdom teeth may require surgical removal if problems develop. We will advise and offer a choice of referrals according to the situation.

  • Treatment under sedation is another option which we can advise on and refer appropriately to the situation.

  • Specialist surgery such as apicectomies and more complex jaw surgeries will always be referred to the local specialists.

  • Implantology is a highly skilled and advance form of treatment to replace missing teeth. Referrals to our local specialist, Miss Usha Vohra, will be made upon request.